How Will We Land?

“I am like a cat, I have had nine lives,

but if nationalist forces in this country prevail,

my heart will burst.”

Vesna Vulovic

An air stewardess, who survived a 33,000 ft fall, dies aged 66. (source: BBC News)

Vesna Vulovic’s words touched me, especially from where we now stand, peering into 2017 with trepidation. Growing nationalism (with its inherent racism) not only in the USA or here in France, but across Europe and well beyond, is manifesting itself in a full spectrum of hatred–from racist innuendos to belligerent attacks.

She survived such a harrowing ordeal, yet chose not to live out her days in quiet repose, profiting from her celebrity status as was possible. Instead, she chose the hard, just road, going head to head with Serbian nationalism. Perhaps fate had spared her for this, her greater mission.

A softer landing this time, Vesna.

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